Vocal Hygiene

Sing to live, live to sing!

Remember most damage is done when you are NOT singing!! Bars, clubs, shouting!!

Singing incorrectly can strain your voice. These habits can be difficult to unlearn. If your voice feels painful after singing, something is wrong.

Singing consistently at rehearsals can put a strain on your vocal folds if the fold-back is too quiet.

Singing is a sport and an art: You use a lot of muscles when you sing – athletes take time off from their training, singers must warm down after singing and take time off too; this includes talking.

Milk, cheeses, and other dairy products can add a lot of phlegm, which is very bad when you’re singing. Check your diet, citrus fruits can also cause problems.

Drinking. Alcohol dries out your vocal cords. Prolonged drinking can permanently damage your voice. Too many cups of coffee, tea and carbonated drinks can also be a problem! Make sure you drink lots of water – it takes up to 2 hrs to hydrate your vocal folds.

There are many ENT voice specialists; if necessary I will point you in the right direction.

Your voice - Your investment - Your responsibility! So take care of it!

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