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These workshops are a unique opportunity for singers, actors and dancers to supplement their private singing lessons and practise their audition and performance techniques in a weekly workshop. Also an opportunity to network, share ideas and deal with nerves.

Please note: this workshop is designed to help prepare actors, singers and dancers for gigs, concerts, professional auditions and for drama/music school entry.


Classes take the following format:

• Warm up techniques
• Singing exercises
• Performance exercises
• Song presentation (individual) feedback (Robert and group)

Please come with your song learnt and performance prepared. Every student will sing a song individually and the importance of a strong technique proven. They will see that with good efficient technique they will have the vocal freedom to deliver and connect with their songs musically, emotionally and lyrically. You will need a backing CD or sheet music (piano) for accompaniment.

All students are welcome to record the sessions and their performance for home study.

The workshops are an ideal environment for performers wishing to develop their performance and audition technique in a safe environment.

We will work on breathing, support and posture and various vowels in neutral position, simply, clearly and very physically; students will help each other during the class!

The Singers’ Workshop was at Pineapple Studios for over 20 years and also in Athens, Amsterdam, Guernsey, Dublin, Waterford, Coleraine and Tipperary.

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